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Rollser is a manufacturing company, specialized in production of roll forming machines, decoilers, servo drivers and straighteners, cut-to-length lines and sheet coil slitting lines


Roll forming lines

Roll forming lines

OUR ROLLFORM LINES Our company manufactures rollform lines that provide the desired size and shape of the sheet in the form of rolls or plates.

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Our rollform lines will add strength to your business by making serial and standard productions with very high precision. We are sure that you will find more than you think, as the programs we use and our expert staff are combined with years of experience. We will be proud to be your solution partner in all matters from the proposal stage to the project approval, from the design to the manufacturing process, from after-sales service to spare parts. Our rollform machines are used for drilling, caving, unloading, welding, etc. in your product. whatever is required in transactions, it offers you the solutions you want by forcing the possibilities of technology. Our lines with functional types and features go beyond the standards and apply the most appropriate system in the direction you want.

Just give us a call to see the difference of our rollform lines.

Advantages of Our Rollform Lines

time saving

Standardizing your productions

Bringing the quality to the highest level

Sensitivity at the best level


Major Industries

Greenhouse Systems


Electric - Electronic

Defense industry

Furniture Accessory

Construction Technologies

Household appliances

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